does it necessarily means that if you got anexplaine bruises you alredy have acancer or leukemia?

does it necessarily means that if you got anexplaine bruises you alredy have acancer or leukemia?

- LuthienTinuviel
Heck, no! Unexplained bruises can be caused by anemia, vitamin deficiency, or even slight bumps into objects that you don't even notice. I have a weird genetic disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome that causes easy bruising, too, but that's super-rare and II doubt that's what you have. Talk to your doc if you are having unexplained bruising; chances are you can fix it easily.

- diogo d
Hello I can tell you this my was recently diagnose with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma,
We did not know anything about cancer, but yes did from time to time unexplained Bruce's in her body We are waiting for a bone marrow transplant, but she also had excruciating pain on her spleen,

- Martha Evans
No. Easy bruising can come from other medical conditions. Bleeding and clotting have to do with such things as platelet count, vitamin K, clotting factors, etc. It can be related to liver disease or a hormonal imbalance or rheumatologic condition or vitamin deficiency as well as other things. Sometimes people with cancer have conditions involving a low platelet count, but other medical conditions can also be related to easy bruising.

A low platelet count is called thrombocytopenia.


- Spreedog
' Not exactly sure what you are asking, but if you have cancer or leukemia - easy bruising may (or may not be) related to a low platelet count. It is simple enough to find out by checking a CBC (complete blood count) to check the platelet count. If it is below 20,000, platelet transfusion may be ordered to protect against a serious bleed in a vital place - like the CNS (central nervous system).

The platelets can be low from leukemia or from the chemotherapy used to treat cancers or leukemias. The bruising itself is not a major threat, but a low platelet count can lead to bleeding in places more crucial than the integument (skin).

Added - OH, I get it now (from the other answers). I thought you already had a diagnosis of cancer or leukemia. If you do not have one of these conditions, easy bruising is FAR MORE LIKELY to be due to BENIGN problems such as those mentioned by the other answerers - - who are smarter than I since they figured out what you are asking. Unexplained bruising in women is very commonly a hormonal or female thing (etiology). Some people, male or female, just bruise more easily and have nothing wrong with them. The list of meds that can contribute to this is long - - NSAID's like aspirin, ibuprofen, etc. - - corticosteroids - - and others.
Diseases such as Von Willebrand's disease and some of the ones mentioned in other answers can do this. Scurvy - vitamin C deficiency - is not very common in developed countries today.

- Dan T
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