Has anyone had leukemia because of taking liver anti-rejection drug "cytoxan"?

Has anyone had leukemia because of taking liver anti-rejection drug "cytoxan"?
am a 30 year female. Had a liver-transplant with an incompatible unmatched donor. Because of the unmatched liver I was placed on a drug that causes a rare form of Leukemia referred to as MDS Myelodisplastic Syndrom and am now in need of Bone Marrow Transplant.

Is there anyone out there that has any insights or has been through something similar .


- david d
Cytoxan is a prescription drug used to treat various types of cancers. Any drug taken over a perlonged period may have side effects. Always consult your doctor. You are only 30 I cant believe you have to go through all these problems. Live transplant at 30. Thats too young to have these problems. Which country do you live in, how dare they give u an unmatched donors live that is incompatible. Sue them for the damages.

- John B
I'm very sorry to hear of your problem. I have leukemia but a different type. Mine is called for short CLL.
A quick look at the web suggests that you are not alone and perhaps the links below will help you understand and your family members or friends to understand just what it is and what is needed. Listen to your doctors and don't be afraid to ask them as many questions as you may have. No question is stupid or silly so ask. This approach will help you.
Sorry I cannot be of more help as I do know how lonely this can be.
A good tip: after the initial shock try to be positive, its not easy but honestly it helps. You will be surprised just how powerful 'positive thinking' really is.
Having said all this, you should get someone to take your case to the highest authority you can. The treatment you have had to date regards the transplant was not as it should have been. I know you will have other things on your mind right now but really get someone to pursue this for you. Best wishes

- Panda
MDS happens occasionally. Cytoxan is used in many types of high dose chemotherapy protocols. I'm sorry that this happened to you, but as you are aware when you are dealing with a life threatening condition . . successful treatment is not guaranteed. It is always a risk and chance you take.

Myelodysplastic syndromes is not quite leukemia but it can develop into one if left untreated. Because MDS can turn into leukemia than it follows the same protocol treatment.


NCI: Myelodysplastic Syndromes

I know several young cancer patients who developed MDS after being treated for advanced sarcoma. One is currently in treatment and the other is in remission from his sarcoma and from MDS.

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