My husbands platelet level is 116 ande BUN is 24. What could this mean?

My husbands platelet level is 116 ande BUN is 24. What could this mean?
My husband's platelet count dropped in a year to 99 and then again to 92 in two weeks. Now two weeks later it is up to 116. His white blood cell count also dropped below normal but now it is up to low normal. He is having a bone marrow biopsy and an ultrasound of his liver and spleen. Do you think he may have a form of leukemia or a problem with his kidneys? He takes hydrochlorothiazide 25 mg./day for high blood pressure. He also takes 500 mg of naprosyn for lower back pain. We are worried.

- beachloveric
Look at the creatinine levels the BUN fluctuates for lots of reasons. Look up values on the net.

- D
Ask his doctor.

- Kenneth C
Given that your husband is under medical investigation it would be inappropriate for anyone to speculate here on the diagnosis. His doctors have access to all of his clinical examination findings, his laboratory and scan results and his medical history - they will take all of these into account in reaching a diagnosis.

Regarding a specific technical point relating to his platelet count - the differences between counts of 92, 99 and 116 are so small that they may well be explained by sampling variation or normal variation is the count. There is no real difference between these counts. Even the lowest of these counts is a very long way above the level at which doctors would be concerned about bleeding problems. In the absence of other clinical problems your husband may just be one of the 1 in 20 people whose results fall outside "normal" limits even when healthy.

I would do your best not to worry and wait until all the results are in and then sit down with the doctors and discuss your concerns.

I am a haematology biomedical scientist by training and have an MSc in clinical oncology.

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