Help Help HELP!!! Well informed opinions please! Tired of feeling so sick!!?

Help Help HELP!!! Well informed opinions please! Tired of feeling so sick!!?
I'm a 26 year old woman who was diagnosed with iron defiency anemia a little over 3 weeks ago. The diagnosis was made in the ER and based on these results from my complete blood count test:

RBC 3.43
HGB 8.7
HCT 27.9
Anyway, I was given a script for iron pills and told by the ER doc to follow up with my doctor in about a month to check on the levels. But I'm a little worried about something else. I think I might have something more serious like leukemia or maybe another type of bone marrow problem. (myelodysplastic syndrome) The reason I think this is because my platelets and WBC count was normal, I have quite a few symptoms suggesting possible leukemia (tiny red spots under my skin which are known as petechiae..I counted 16 alone on my legs, weakness,fatigue, gum swelling etc) Anyway I'm really worried about this and I don't have a primary care doctor so I don't know what to do. I'm worried it might take too long to get set up with a new doc and then actually get in for an appointment. I was thinking about maybe trying an urgent care clinic or something. I feel sick very often, this morning I was so dizzy that I felt like passing out! What is the best thing I can do?
Oh, I also noticed on my CBC that my LYMPH % was 41 which I think is a little high. I'm not sure if that's at all related to any of my problems but I wanted to add it just in case.

- razmataz917
I am currently being treated for severe anemia. My HCT was 6 and an increase in platelets. I had various symptoms,shortness of breath, extreme fatigue, mental confusion, tingling in my extremities, cold, heart palpitations, night sweats etc. I too thought that I had a kind of leukemia. I went to a hematologist and had blood transfusions and am still having weekly treatments of infused iron.
It has taken many weeks to have enough energy to walk up stairs but I am on the road to recovery. Taking iron pills just doesn't work fast enough for the body to repair itself. I suggest going to a hematologist. They will make an appointment very quickly as they realize the seriousness of extreme anemia. Do not go to urgent care because they will only repeat the blood work and not be as detailed as a specialist. Good luck hope you are better soon.

- midnightmoon62
You say your platelet and white blood cell counts were NORMAL? Right? If they are normal, you do NOT have leukemia. All you need to do is make sure you take your iron vitamins and then follow up with your doc later. Are you sure what you have actually is petichae? If you actually had petichae, your platelet count would NOT have been normal, so I um wondering if you actually have razor burn or some other sort of irritation.

Of course you feel dizzy, thats because you are anemic. Anemia MAKES you feel dizzy and short of breath and can make you feel faint. The best thing you can do is take your iron vitamins and try to include more iron naturally in your diet.

And you really shouldnt be concerned about being anemic. Its a common problem some women have and it can sometimes be a result simply of your menstrual cycle, especially if have heavy periods. Just take the vitamins, watch your diet and then find a doctor.

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