Honestly, how likely is it that I'll get into UT Austin?

Honestly, how likely is it that I'll get into UT Austin?
I'm in my senior year of high school. The first 2 years I was pretty lazy but brought it up in the third year, so my GPA is a 3.1.
I live in New Jersey at a fairly competitive school (but I wouldn't say it's well known or anything). My school doesn't do class ranking so I don't know how I rank, but I do know I'm not anywhere near top 10% because like I said my school is competitive and the top 10% GPAs are probably like 5.2s haha.
I was in Psychology Club my sophomore year, and I'm in Folio (a magazine club) this year. I've done volunteer work for the Rutgers Alumni Association and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
I took the SATs twice and my second scores were the best- they were- 560 math, 640 reading, 670 writing.

I want to major in journalism at UT Austin. Do you think there's any chance I'll get in?

- ♦lauren ♥ (detective conan roxs)
here's the average of what people had when to get accepted

GPA 4.29
SAT 1945
The University of Texas, Austin*130/258 ( amount accepted at of people who
these are averages though so i bet people who made lower GPA and SAT scores got in.. you probably still have a shot (since you have volunteered and involved in activities outside of school..) I say just go for it =) and good luck

- Cochise
Highly unlikely for UT-Austin. For Journalism, your R and W scores are actually quite good, but the school is so competitive that you may be wasting your application fees.

Besides, some of the finest schools in the country are in NJ. Why are you even considering Texas for an undergrad degree?

Get your Bachelors in NJ, Rutgers-NB if you can, then come to Austin for your grad degree.

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