How Can I Tell If Its Advanced Leukemia?

How Can I Tell If Its Advanced Leukemia?
I was diagnosed with low platelets a little over a year ago. Just realized it could be Leukemia. What are the symptoms of advanced Leukemia? I haven't been bleeding or sick, just a little tired and sore from work lately. If I was about to die or have a brain hemorrhage would there be more warning signs than this?
I've heard from various sources the prognosis for untreated acute leukemia is 3-6 months. Is it possible I could've survived without treatment for 12-15 months?

- Richard Hawkins
I'm sorry, but we are not doctors on Yahoo Answers. What you do is ask your specialist. Good Luck.

- amccoy1962
The only way to know for sure is to go to an Oncologist, and run blood work. If the white cell count is very elevated, like mine were 41,000, then they'll take a bone marrow biopsy to be sure it is Leukemia, and what type.

Leukemia comes in two types, acute and chronic. Acute comes with a death sentence of about 2 months, the chronic one if treated properly has a death sentence of several years.

- Joanne Xx
You would have started to develop symptoms long ago if you had leukemia. If the doctor suspected leukemia when you had a blood test he would have performed a bone marrow biopsy back then. Beside, low platelets can point at various different diseases, and so it happens leukemia is one of them, and the fact you have low platelets doesn't necessarily mean you have leukemia, some people have naturally low platelets. Besides, you would have died with this advanced leukemia if you actually had one. If you are suspecting advanced leukemia, Yahoo answers is really not the place to go to. How ever you should still visit a doctor event if it is not leukemia, just in case.
Good luck to you :)

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