How did my strictly indoor cat get feline leukemia?

How did my strictly indoor cat get feline leukemia?
I have a cat, will I had a cat that was put down yesterday that had feline leukemia and he was a strictly indoor cat. How did he get it? I thought indoor cats don't get feline leukemia. Also, my dad wants me to feel better and get me a new cat, should I go for it? But I still feel miserable because my cat was put down yesterday. And if I do get a new cat, can he\she get the virus because if I do get a cat its also going to be an indoor cat and I am scared that there's going to be some kind of feline leukemia virus in the house.

- Café Mocha Valencia
How old was he? Cats with Feline Leukemia give birth to FeLv+ kittens. So it could be he's had it since birth and symptoms showed up now. The only other way other than that would be if he had contact with any FeLv+ cats.

Toss any bowls, litter boxes you had for this cat and wash any bedding. The virus doesn't last long on surfaces but you don't want to take any chances.

If you get another cat adopt one from a shelter that tests for Feline Leukemia so you'll know the cat or kitten is FeLv-. Sorry about your loss.

- Beth G
It's passed from mother to kitten.

If you get a new cat, make sure to get the feline leukemia vaccine for it and you should be fine.

- chzbrgr
It's possible your cat got it from his mom before he was born. Did you ever have him tested?

I would get rid of all of his old bowls and toys and make sure you clean house very thoroughly before getting a new cat. I would also make sure that the new cat is innoculated against FeLV.

I'm sorry for your loss :(

- alfreda_bailey
If the mother of your cat was a carrier of feline leukemia or had it then she might have pass it on to him. It does help to get the kittens vaccinated as soon as possible and have yearly checkups. especially if they are strays

- Sally
I'm sorry for your loss. I just lost both of my very very young indoor cats to a mystery virus. They did not have leukemia, but the doctors think it was something infectious. I don't have answers for you. We did not give anything that our cats used away. I threw it all out because I was afraid it may spread the illness. You may want to wait a little longer before getting another one. I don't know if I can have more cats. The ones I had were the best, and cats are so good at hiding being sick. I know my answer may not have helped much, but you are not the only one who recently lost your really protected, loved indoor to something and do not know how that happened. I hope that you feel better.

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