Need help writing a these statement?

Need help writing a these statement?
I wrote a paper on ALL (Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia ) and my adviser gave me an awful grade because there was no thesis. I guess this whole time i've been thinking a thesis was something else.

My first "thesis" was;
The most common type of Leukemia found in children under the age of 15 is Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL), which is a type of blood cancer that is expected to affect 5,430 children in the year of 2008 alone.
Clearly this is not a thesis.

Would this work;
Although cancer does not affect everyone, the ones who are effected are in a fight to save their life.

- Axxonnfire
Great, except change "effected" to "affected". "Affected" means "had an influence on" while "effected" means "came into being"

Hope this helped!

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