How do I tell my mom I think have cancer?????

How do I tell my mom I think have cancer?????
I think I have ALL (acute lymphocytic leukemia) I'm not worried how it'll affect me, just my mom, she has already suffered a tramatic blow from the loss of a recent family member. I have a lot of the symptoms! ESPECIALLY the weight loss, I've lost 20lbs in 2 1/2 months! NOT NORMAL FOR ME!!!!!!

Weakness and Fatigue
Unexplained Fever
Weight loss and/or loss of appetite
Joint Pain
IVE NEVER LOST WEIGHT!!!!! And I don't have a gallbladder, so def not normal 4 me! I go tues. for a blood test because I said I was having a lot of unexplained brusing, my legs have a total of 15 bruises that came from NO CAUSE physically!
I'm going to the dr. tues!
well u see she is going with me, she knows im getting testing but i don't have the heart to tell her what i thinks wrong with me! ive been right about whats wrong with me b4 so i don't really want her to be sitting there and get shocked to death if my dr. wants to send me 4 a bone marrow test!

- volleythatball24
come right out and say it. tell her fast. get to a doctor. and fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- coolkid80
You don't necessarily have to tell her you have cancer, just tell her there is something wrong and you'd like to get it checked out by a doctor. Trust me, if you are worried about her feelings then definitely get into a doctors office sooner, because if you DO have cancer they can treat it faster and it wont be as big, or have spread as fast as it could have if you chose to wait.

Dont stress over this till you are sure. this could be a lot of different things.....good luck, and i truly mean that.

- RAY Rebel
This is a really touchy subject. It really depends on how your relationship is with your mom and how you think your mom will take the news. Timing must be precise if you do decide to tell your mom. It has to be during a really happy time, say maybe at a theme park, or a big family dinner. Depending on if shes very emotional, she might want some relatives around to comfort her after the news has been broken. If it were me, thats what I would do - break the news in a happy place.

- Panda
Just tell her what you suspect and that you are going for testing to confirm or to find out what is happening. She is your mother and would want to know. You can't protect people if that is what you are trying to do. Honesty is always best.

One of the hardest things I ever did was telling my parents that their grandson had advanced cancer. They were devastated, but we were too . . we all went through it together. Your mother is stronger than you think she is . . confide in her.

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