what is leucemia?

what is leucemia?
What is Leucemia? The side effects, what it does to a person, what a person can do because of it. All the information. Can a person die from it?

- Just_gone
It is a cancer of the white blood cells, and is serious.

- Tamaki
I think you mean Luekimia. This is a a cancer of the blood. It affects your bone marrow making you vulnerable to disease. Most often it is caused by radiation. Some of the symptoms are: tiredness, dizziness, and just generally feeling sick. Hope this helps answer your question!

- darkbeasthunter
Le some of which arer fatalukemia is a cancer of the blood. It is characterized by an overabundance of white blood cells. When the body has too many white cells the organs and tissues are not properly nourished and become damaged. There are many types of Leukemia

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