how do you get diagnosed or leukemia?

how do you get diagnosed or leukemia?
the doctor wants me to get a test done this wednesday where they take bone marrow.. why would they order such a painful test before they would have my results back from my blood work. wouldnt they know if i had leukemia from the blood test first and then order further tests?
i have had blood work done several times the past 6 months and my white blood cell count has always been super high. what test actually makes it official??

- punkrocklover152
yes it all has to do with your white blood cell count

- Kristen B
Yes, they would check the blood test first. Did they say why they thought you had leukemia? They probably did check the blood test, ask them.

- midnightmoon62
No, blood work doesnt always show leukemia. It can only be officially diagnosed with a bone marrow biopsy. But, they could also be checking for several other things at the same time.

Dont watch the proceedure, and ask for some ativan before hand.

- Autumlief
Having a high white blood cell count for 6 months, warrents a bone marrow biopsy. The biopsy will diagnose the problem of the high white count. Usually when leukemia is present, there is a very low platelet count, and low hemaglobin, also.

It doesn't take long for a blood test to come back for the doctor to see the results. I'm sure he knows the results of your blood test, this is why he is doing the bone marrow. Make sure he discusses the procedure with you before he begins. Make sure you have good communication with your doctor. God bless you!

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