How long should lymph nodes be swollen before you see a doctor?

How long should lymph nodes be swollen before you see a doctor?
I have 2 in my jaw one has been there for years (it's hard and not like the others.) I also have 2 in my breasts but I thought there were no lymph nodes there? The new ones have been there for about a week.
I'm only 17 so I don't think its anything serious like cancer... I don't wanna waste money on a stupid infection.

- teacupn
Go in now. It is time to see your doctor, probably nothing. But why are you willing to take a chance. Most serious illnesses are cured when attacked early. Go see the the doctor.

- Kathryn M
If it's been there for years it's most likely not a lymph node. If you have any kind of lump or bump in the breast you need to get it checked out. There are lymph nodes in the breast but it could be something else that is enlarged or swollen.

I would go immediately.

It doesn't matter if you're just 17. Any lump or irregularity in your breast needs to be checked out. Breast cancer can affect pre-teens, men and senior citizens, not just middle aged women. Even an infection in your breast needs medicine to clear up, otherwise you're looking at serious problems down the road. Go see your doctor.

- Fonz
Have a friend Doctor. He said any lump should be checked at once. He was checking one that I had. Told me he had a guy in the hospital that is dying and nothing he could do for him. however, if the guy had seen him 30 to 40 days earlier he would already be well.
I suggest that you see a doctor soon. You life may depend on it.

- Sincere Riley
You need to make an apointment and go see a doctor!

- baileyfeb14
go to your doctor... if it isn't anything they will tell you but i think you should go just to be on the safe side. Cause I almost died and my mom almost died (seprate times) becuase we thought it was nothing...

Like my appendix errupted cuz i watied
and my mom had to have her appendix removed, her overy and uterus removed cuz her sist grew to the size of a head!

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