How to protect Newborn Kittens from Feline Leukemia?

How to protect Newborn Kittens from Feline Leukemia?
Their mother has Leukemia. how can i prevent them from getting the virus aswell?

- lilykdesign
I am very sorry, there's no vaccine or anything you can do.

I can tell you that the chances of all the kittens having leukemia is rare. Even if one or two does develop leukemia, chances are they won;t start showing signs until they are older.

- Mary c
You cannot do a thing. Their mother already transmitted the virus to them. I am so very sorry, but they will die, and feline leukemia kills kittens rather quickly. It is a scourge, that stuff. You would do well to euthanize them gently. They cannot survive.

I am so sorry.

- Unicornrider
The primary hazard associated with latent infection is the possibility that some latently infected queens may transmit FeLV to their kittens through the milk. Latently infected cats do not transmit FeLV by any other route and are much less likely to develop any of the FeLV-associated diseases, although recent studies indicate that some of these cats may develop immunosuppression.
One of the major modes of transmission of FeLV is viral shedding of saliva from an infected cat through mutual grooming, sharing of food bowls or from biting, or contact with an infected cat's waste products.
FeLV infection results in the death of an infected cat. Nearly 90% of persistently infected cats will die within 3 1/2 years after diagnosis.

There is no cure for FeLV. All treatments, including the following, are aimed at relieving pain and discomfort:
Antibiotics to treat secondary bacterial infections
Blood transfusions
Chemotherapy to treat tumors
Dietary supplements
Immunomodulatory drugs (e.g., drugs that target the immune system), such as interferon, immunoregulin, and acemannan

- Kayty
There is nothing you can do. Kittens can't start getting their vaccinations against feline leukemia till they are 6 to 8 weeks old.

It is very likely that the kittens are already infected. If the mother has the disease, the kittens get it from her before birth.

It's a tragedy that could have been prevented if the mother cat had been vaccinated and spayed. I know it may not be your fault and the mama may be a stray you're trying to help, but someone somewhere along the line let her down, and now she and all her kittens will pay for it.

- drakelungx
Go to the vet, get them all (the kittens) tested. If the results come back negative, then get them vaccinated. Only way I know how.

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