How to show support for student with leukemia?

How to show support for student with leukemia?
A 1st grade student at my school was diagnosed with leukemia last week. He will not be able to return to school for 3 years. I am looking for ideas of things we can do to show our support for this young boy. We have put together a book of notes and pictures written by all of the students in his class. We were hoping to send something at least once a week for the rest of this school year to show we are thinking of him. Any ideas would be great! Thanks for your help.

- imgoingraw
in seventh grade a friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer and had to leave school to get treatment. we sent her a video of kids in the halls changing classes and her normal classes, lunch. all the normal stuff, mixed with messages from her friends and classmates. the video had lots of commentary aswell to make it funny and interesting. since she was privately tutored, she said she watched it alot to make her feel connected to her class and still apart of a school.

- Nancy B
Send a cuddly stuff animal. A tee shirt signed by all the kids.
A picture of everyone holding a sign saying WE MISS YOU, Have kids send him why they miss him, Send him a DVD. Send a poster to hang in his hospital room, Have the kids send pictures of their pets,

- Verite R
What a super class - wish I had been taught at your place!

If you go to www.after-cancer.com, although it was really written for adults, there is stuff there that might trigger off ideas.

Look under
Treats - some things might appeal

Coco Chanel - if you student can't go out in the sun it says how she made this fashionable, and why we are turning away from this.

Exercise - if they can't get out there are some fun - and some weird things - to exercise sitting in a chair (at end of page)

Key in Humour - this changes but there is wacky stuff there.

and good luck

Verite R

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