How would you know if you definitely have leukemia if you have almost all the symtoms?

How would you know if you definitely have leukemia if you have almost all the symtoms?
I have almost all the symtoms but my parents don't believe in going to the doctor unless it is definitely apparent that you are dieing. So how would I really know what is going on? I would sneak out but my parents watch me like a hawk.

- The It Girl ∆☻乐
I believe your white blood cell count would be elevated.

- Reilley R
If you are in school talk to a councelor or school nurse- if you are sick nobody should deny you proper treatment.

- *L.E.A.N.N.E*
See a doctor, if you had lukemia you wouldnt be able to get out of bed you would be so ill. A doctor would confirm it tho, its all to do with the white blood cells. If i was you i wouldnt go round telling people you think you have it, you should think yourself lucky you have your health and not obsess about this.

- gangadharan_nair
Symptoms of Acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL)
* Bleeding gums
* Bone pain or tenderness
* Easy bruising
* Excessive or prolonged bleeding
* Fatigue
* Fever
* Joint pain
* Infection
* Menstrual irregularities
* Nosebleeds
* Paleness
* Palpitations
* Pinpoint red spots on the skin
* Shortness of breath (made worse by exercise)
* Swollen glands (lymphadenopathy)
* Swollen gums
* Unintentional weight loss
Exams and Tests:-
A physical exam may reveal the following:
* Bruising
* Enlarged liver and spleen
* Signs of bleeding (petechiae, purpura)
Blood tests may show the following:
* Abnormal WBC count
* Anemia on a CBC
* Low platelet count
A bone marrow aspiration may be show abnormal levels of certain cells.
ALL may also change the results of the following tests:
* T-lymphocyte count
* B-cell leukemia/lymphoma panel
* White blood cell differential
If you are diagnosed with ALL, genetic tests will be done to determine the specific type of ALL. Doctors can look for chromosome changes in the cells of some leukemias. Leukemias with certain types of chromosome changes have a poor outlook, while those with other types of genes can have a very good outlook.

- nytrainop
You would know if you defintely had leukemia if your doctor told you you had leukemia.
You don't have leukemia because you think you might or you matched your symptoms up on a website somewhere.
You have it when the doctor says you have it and even then, you go for a second and third opinion, as even they can get it wrong.

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