I have actue lymphoblastic leukemia and ?

I have actue lymphoblastic leukemia and ?
i have a middle back pain especially when i wake up from the bed,it had happened and gone during the treatment but now i stopped taking chemo for 1 week and a day and it started again. the pains feels like when you hurt your back by lifting up something heavy or yielding it by bending, i have no tingles in my legs and neither do i have uncontrolled bowel and bladder i also have no fever. it started last sunday and it hasn't stopped. what do you think it is ?

- Jaclyn
First off, best wishes to you in your journey with treatment! What a brave and courageous soul you are! I take my hat off to people such as yourself.
Your back pain, could this be from your bed? I know it probably sounds ridiculous, but how old is the mattress? If the bed isn't an option, maybe this is your body reacting to the change in treatment. (Going from chemo to no chemo.) This could be a known side effect from everything you've been through. Have you asked your doctor? It sounds, to me, as though it might be just your body reacting to everything it's been through. But I'd advise you to get some medical advice from your doctor sooner than later.
You are in my thoughts and prayers, and GOD BLESS! BEST WISHES.

- Spreedog
Tim, it makes no sense to ask this question of mostly lay people on this site.
You must have an oncology group managing your chemotherapy.
Your doctors have your entire medical history which we do not have.
We don't know you age or your current blood counts.
We do not know how well you are responding to the chemotherapy regimen you are taking.
I was on call every other night for years to answer these questions for my patients.
There must be a hematologist/oncologist on call for you if you have a question.
It is much better to take their advice than anything you might see here.

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