Is leukemia a death sentence?

Is leukemia a death sentence?
If you get it are you going to die. If not how is it treated.

- GrimReeper
No, but there is a possibility of death, the most deadliest leukemia is the Chronic lymphocytic leukemia, which is incurable, but docters are able to slow it down.
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- future fate
Blood borne cancers are one of the areas where they are making new state of the art medicines that specifically target the cancer cells - they're called monoclonal antibodies and they are getting better and better.
Check out www.clinicaltrials.org to see what's being tested right now.

- Brandy F
I went to school with two girls who had leukemia. One was diagnosed in 4th grade; the other in 6th grade. We are all in our 30's now and they are both in remission, married, have children, and hold down full time jobs- one is a pediatric nurse on the children's floor of a hospital and the other is an accountant.

- kelleys4girls
I was diagnosed with AML (Acute myeloid leukemia) almost 6 years ago. I had 2 rounds of chemotherapy and have been in remission ever since. My doctor said after 5 years I was considered 'cured' so no, leukemia is not a death sentence.

Chemotherapy is the generally accepted treatment of leukemia. I had 7 days of IV chemo 24 hours a day which killed my bone marrow. I then spent another 5 weeks in the hospital waiting for my bone marrow to come back and start producing blood components again. During this time, I received blood and blood products (mostly donations from my family) to replace what my bone marrow wasn't producing. Eight weeks later, we did the whole thing again, not that the leukemia was back, but more of a "Once was good, twice must be better" approach.

There are a wide variety of different type of leukemia and chromosomal differences within each type. Each patient is different. Every treatment plan is different. Bone marrow transplant in many countries is a last effort in the treatment of leukemia. In the United States, it is becoming part of the initial battle with leukemia if the right donor can be found.

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