What are the chances I might have leukemia?

What are the chances I might have leukemia?
Okay well I had a blood test done and I have a high blood platelet count, and my mom said it wasn't too high above average but I'm also on meds that lower your blood platelet count, and even with that I got a high count. So I did research on it and it's extremely rare to have a high blood platelet count in the first place, especially if you're young (I'm 16), and I saw that leukemia was one thing that caused it, so I researched that and I have a fair amount of the symptoms such as:
-pale skin
-weight loss
-bad circulation in my hands/feet
-occasional dizziness
-always sleepy
-bleeds easily (I had over a month long period, I have no stds or anything)
-underneath my left rib cage I'll sometimes get a pain for about a week or so and then it will go away for a few months and then come back, go away, come back, etc.

I'm going to the doctor again in a few weeks for more tests but I'm just curious as to what's most likely wrong with me? I know leukemia is rare and I'm probably overreacting but it scared me when I saw how many symptoms I have. Thanks
I forgot to add I'm also extremely fatigued

- Mek
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- iceman
Why dont you just go back to your doctor and tell him your symptoms.

Testing for Leukeimia is actually quite easy and can ussualy be spotted through blood tests. Tell him what you are feeling, and that you would like him to check you for it.. which he will.

Having all those symptons is something that shouldnt be ignored. The odds are you dont have cancer, but you should try to figure out what is causing you to feel like that.

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