Is this Leucemia............?

Is this Leucemia............?
Well.. I had rash on my left breast, only a bit upper from that. It's almost gone but I'm afraid I've leucemia.. Why? It started hurting from the left side, under the left breast and on the left breast, also sometimes back. Also I feel uncomfort. Also it has been hurt from the right side down from the ribs a little bit. My doctor said that the rash was from herpes(but the ras was extremely oval) and the infection has gone to the nerves (at te left side). Now, when I'm writing it here, i feel pain lower back left :' (.
Doctor took blood test last month (some days before 1 sept.) and it was normal, but I'm not sure that if they looked that leucemia thing or is it shown even if not lookin specially not for leucemia?
I'm really scared, don't know what to do.

- John E
A complete blood count checks your red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.

If all those were OK, you do not have leukemia. BTW, leukemia is medical (latin or greek or something) for "white blood" -- just like a-nemia is medical for lack - of - blood.

As for the rash, if you really want to know what it is, go to a dermatologist -- they spent their years looking at every rash imaginable, and even if you need to pony up cash for a GET_ME_IN_THIS_WEEK appointment, it is money well spent. If it was something serious, they would know the proper direction.

Quit worrying once you have an eyes-on expert opinion on your rash. Best of luck!

- Susie Q
My husband has chronic lymphocytic leukemia
He had normal yearly bloodwork check up & this was found
Any abnormalities in the blood will show up even if doctor has not suspected & looking for it
In your case no leukemia is present

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