Leukaemia Diagnosis Reviews

Leukaemia Diagnosis

Now in its third edition Leukaemia Diagnosis has been completely revised and updated throughout to include the latest developments in the fields of haematology and oncology. Written by Barbabra Bain, an acclaimed haematologist and morphologist, Leukaemia Diagnosis is a highly practical guide and reference source, which reflects the latest changes in the fields of morphology, cytochemistry, immunophenotyping, cytogenetics and molecular genetics.
The third edition of Leukaemia Diagnosis includes:

Over 180 superb four-colour photographs of normal cells and abnormal variants
The latest WHO leukaemia classification guidelines

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Leukemia Problems Remedies | FIGHT CANCER INFO
Leukemia — Comprehensive overview covers symptoms, causes, risk factors, treatment of this blood-related cancer.
Leukaemia Diagnosis

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