Leukemia remission question.?

Leukemia remission question.?
My child was 6 months when she was diagnosed with AML M5, no FLT3. She was treated with the chemo protocol, no transplant. She is now 2 years and 5 months off treatment and in remission. How do you feel about her staying in remission after this long? I know there is still a slight chance, but I feel it has been so long that it is unlikely.

Professional opinions please!

Thank you!

- Memere RN/BA
Remission can be a tricky thing. Some people never get the leukemia back and others do which is why is hard to say your baby won't or will. She's young and healthy which is good. If she were my child, I would be thankful that I still have her, she's happy, healthy and don't worry about the future. Whatever happens, she can still be treated with success. Remember that. I hope it doesn't ever come back. She has been in remission for a while, the longer the better. Good luck and I'm so happy for you and your baby. Blessings

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