Do my symptoms all lead to leukemia?

Do my symptoms all lead to leukemia?
I'm not sure if all these symptoms i have lead to me having leukemia, i know it's serious, but i looked up the symptoms: which ill explain in my own words of experience
frequent bleeding: i get nose bleeds almost every day, for no apparent reason. I'd be showering and get nose bleeds, sitting in class then my nose bleeds, and waking up and getting ready to sleep i get nose bleeds, and also i get headaches and it's the worst, no meds help i feel as if im gonna faint/pass out its like a migraine? thats what they call it, sleepin helps a lil. i get very nauseous , even if i don't eat, i feel like i need to throw up and i do . I have stomach pain (abdominal pain), i feel tired all the time, even if i sleep it don't help and my body feels very achy, and sometimes i have fevers. I dont know if its normal, but i feel as if i should be more early and concerned about it than just sit back and wait.
thanks for reading ..

- Cristy
have u talked to anyone about his, i truely recomend u go see a doctor, it sounds quite serious!!

- skittlez<3
go see a doctor please. don't take any advice from some random person on yahoo answers.

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