my cat is dying of leukemia but he seems normal?

my cat is dying of leukemia but he seems normal?
4 days ago i got the bad new that my cat of 15 years chunk was dying from leukemia the vet said a couple days to weeks for him to live but he seems like normal chunk he doesn't look like he is in pain at all we have been giving him his pills and such and giving him the little treats he wants if he only has a couple days to live then why would he be acting normal prancing around the house playing with toys eating and eating i don't get it what do u think?
my cat i have known for 15 years he has great personality and if he is in so much pain he wouldn't be so happy and yes he does let me know when he sad or mad he is weird and different from other cats! so the vet may have lied or have gottne wrong test results

- Byakuya
cats don't always let you know when they aren't feeling well.. in the wild, predators often target the animals that seem sick, so lots of animals are good at pretending they aren't sick even though they are.. or maybe your cat is just feeling okay in spite of the leukemia.. I doubt the vet would have lied to you..

- bsu07j2911
If you think he lied then you should get a second opinion- other than that there is nothing that any one of us laymen could tell you that would determine if you cat was dying or not. Even if you do know your cat well perhaps this is just an exceptional circumstance.

- CottonTail
Cats like people have their own inner strgth... many many people are walking around years after the docs and specialists said they shouldve passed.. your kitty will go when he's good and ready... Enjoy your time with him

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