New evidence for cancer cure is kill the cancer stem cell?

New evidence for cancer cure is kill the cancer stem cell?
Evidence keeps growing that to cure cancer, you must kill off the cancer stem cell. For the last 30-40 years, cancer treatment has focused on just the cancer cell, and not the cancer stem cell. This is like killing the weed plant you see above ground and leaving the root behind. The root will regrow the weed, just like the cancer stem cell will regrow the cancer cells.
Now, Tykerb has been shown to kill off breast cancer stem cells in some types of breast cancer, Parthenolide/DMAPT kills AML (leukemia) stem cells and other cancer stem cells, GRN163L kills myeloma stem cells. Cyclopamine and the new water soluble version kill prostate cancer stem cells and myeloma stem cells. Clinical trials to start soon. So, will this finally lead to some cancer cures? I await the evidence.

- lois d
sure hope the cures are found soon.

- Scott S
This is a controversial idea. There is evidence for and against the idea of a cancer stem cell.

What prompted this theory is that they implanted cancer cells into mice to get them to grow cancers. However, sometimes cancers never developed. They then looked at individual cancer cells and found only a small percentage of cancer cells would divide and produce other cancer cells.

However, some researchers say that there may be a subset of cancer cells that divide, but it is not because they are 'stem cells'. For example, they are not true stem cells because they don't have markers commonly associated with stem cells.

I think the truth lies somewhere in between. There are probably progenitor cancer cells that are active, but they aren't true stem cells.

It's an interesting theory that is still being worked out. We all await the evidence.

- ihateptcruisers
hope it leads to something .....here is a cancer research group trying to find a cure......http://boinc.bakerlab.org/rosetta/

Very interesting. But if you have terminal cancer and are out of options are you going to wait years for the trials to be completed. You would likely try something that is available now.

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