Please help!!!!! biology?

Please help!!!!! biology?
1. Which allergen is likely to be found during a certain time of year?
A. Pollen
B. Metals
C. Animal dander
D. Certain foods

2. What happens when an allergen enters the body?
A. Memory B cells produce antibodies.
B. Histamine is released
C. Inflammation decreases
D. A specific immune response begins.

3. What does not occur in anaphylaxis?
A. The airways tighten.
B. Blood vessels become porous, causing blood to leak out.
C. Blood pressure increases rapidly.
D. Oxygen does not reach body cells.

4. Which autoimmune disease affects the nervous system?
A. Multiple sclerosis
B. Type one diabetes
C. Graves' disease
D. Rheumatoid arthritis

5. How are an allergen and an antigen similar?
A. Both are protein markers on cell or particle surfaces.
B. Both trigger a cellular immune response.
C. Both are parts of pathogens.
D. Both are involved in autoimmune diseases.

6. How are HIV and AIDS different?
A. HIV contains RNA; AIDS contains DNA.
B. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS, a disease of the immune system.
C. HIV reproduces in B cells; AIDS reproduces in T cells.
D. AIDS is an opportunistic infection.

7. How does leukemia cause disease?
A. It causes bone marrow to produce red blood cells instead of white blood cells.
B. It causes tumors to form in the bone marrow.
C. It causes bone marrow to make defective white blood cells and to not make enough red blood cells.
D. It produces too many mature white blood cells.

8. How can leukemia be cured?
A. By receiving transfusions of white blood cells
B. By replacing the diseased bone marrow
C. By killing immature blood cells with chemotherapy
D. By giving immature blood cells time to mature

9. Why does a person feel healthy, at first, after being infected with HIV?
A. Antibiotics are effective against HIV when a person is first infected.
B. HIV has not yet started mutating.
C. HIV infects blood cells, but produces fewer virus particles from each blood cell.
D. The body still has many T cells that are not infected.

10. Why can't a person with AIDS make antibodies against HIV?
A. B cells are needed to activate T cells, which make antibodies.
B. B cells are destroyed by HIV.
C. HIV mutates too quickly for the body to make antibodies.
D. T cells are needed to activate B cells, which make antibodies.

- Christine
1. a
2. d
3. b
4. c
5. b
6. a or d-I think d??
7. c
8. b
9. i think d
10. c

- Maggie F
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