Should I get a second opinion? Blood tests normal, body is not.?

Should I get a second opinion? Blood tests normal, body is not.?
Ive been sick for almost two years, before this I was a healthy young woman.

It started with being so week I couldnt even walk across a room, and I would get so exhausted that my heart would race and my breathing was heavy and my legs felt like jello.

Over the last year, I have started to get pain in my hands and feet, it is dull ache but it hurts and drives me crazy, almost like their asleep.

Also within the last year I started losing weight, fast. In 9 months I have gone from 140 to 115 without trying. And my weight has been 140 for a long time, I never used to fluctuate.

Now, over the last 3 months I have been bruising quite a bit and I have lost 1/2 the thickness in my hair.

I have had countless blood tests now, one type of white blood cell was elevated and a type of blood cell (?) that protects my stomach from releasing bacteria into the body was low.

I am in a wheelchair, and over the course of time, people have asked me whats wrong, and out of the people that say their opinion, almost 1/2 tell me to get checked for leukemia, 1/2 ask me if I have lupus, and the rest ask about MS. Most of these people are nurses/doctors or know people who have these health conditions.

My doctor is not doing further testing and is looking into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome... which I would have been OK (kinda) with if I was JUST tired/weak. I looked online a bit and found out that about 10% of people with common diseases have normal blood tests and further testing is required.

I really, really dont want to seem paranoid, but I am a 20 year old female so doctors start to take me seriously at first (sometimes), but once my blood comes up almost normal, they start to think I'm just crazy....

Please please help me. If you have any ideas on what to do I would appreciate it, I cannot live like this without knowing what I can do to help myself (besides frequent rest, supplements, etc which I'm already doing) My partner is a nurse and has been crying alot because she knows somethings not right... she is afraid I'm going to die... & she sees sick people everyday & understands health...

Thank you..
Thank you so much for your answer and your support, yes, I have had my thyroid checked... I have had most tests done that can be seen in my blood
I get red on my nose and cheeks, and at first the docs thought it was a butterfly rash, but I guess they did a simple blood test for lupus and it came back normal....
@CeJay, I was tested for celiac and it was negative, however, I have looked into it & i was thinking about going on a gluten-free diet for a few weeks... surprised about your advice to NOT try that... what is the reason for this advice? Thanks! :)

- Angelbunny17
Hi. Have you had your Thyroid checked ??? I have all of your symptoms, and i have Thyroid disease. It's a simple blood test. It can cause every symptom that you are experiencing. I'm sorry you are feeling so bad. I know how frustrating it is to be sick, and not know why. Take care <<>>

- Kisses123
Hey! Im sorry to hear about your condition. It must be horrible... My best advice for you is to go to an Immunologist or Oncologist if you have fret of an autoimmune disease or cancer. They take these conditions very seriously and they will check you thoroughly. Also if you go into any hospital and tell them you are worried about it, they should check you out or set you up with a doctor who will. I definitely think that you should get a second opinion not only for piece of mind, but to be safe... I am scared myself that I might have colon cancer and all the GI doctors I tell seem to think its impossible because I am only 22, but when it comes to illnesses you can get them at any age even though statistics show its not very common... So I am also going to get a second opinion...

Losing a lot a weight could also be related to GI issues since you were sayin that there was not enough WBCs in your stomach to protect you from bacteria. From what I have learned about Lupus in my immunology class in college, most of the people with it develop a butterfly rash across their nose and cheeks...

- Rita V
Melissa, Ask the doctor has she ran what's called a sed. rate and an an( anti nuclear antibody ) test , what you have it sounds to me is auto-immune diseases including, Lupus ,RRaynard's ffibrilsconnective tissue disease, and maybe some neurological problems, I have all of this, and people doubt that i'm sick al the tiime and I get sick of it, but I wish you wel and ask your doc if she hasn't run these test to look into auto iimmune as an answer to your health issuses Good Luck Rita V

- W
That happened to my dad, and they found out he had been bleeding internally. Bleeding ulcer.

Not all doctors know everything! They misdiagnosed my mother for skin disorder, it turned out 4 years later she had the same problem (relapse we thought) but she had Paget Cancer. She died a year later.

Have you considered a holistic approach? If you have tried everything in the "western medicine" way of doing things maybe the answer is not there. Holistic healthcare includes natural, alternative, integrative, and complementary medicine. It's also about diet and general/mental well being. Everything is connected - and when one thing fails it usually starts the "domino affect".
I agree - if you haven't had any thyroid testing done - be sure to do so. People don't realize how much work a thyroid does to keep you running strong and smoothly.
You can start with some basic searches about alternative/holistic medicine on the net and then, if you feel it's something to try, find a practitioner.
It's true - there's a lot of doctors out there that don't know "much". It's text-book to them and if you fall out of that realm they are just no help. You might have to go through a couple of doctors before you find the right one but it will be worth it. I just happen to think (yes... in my humble opinion...) that maybe the right one for you just happens to be a holistic one......... :-)
Best of luck to you.

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