Pregnant after childhood cancer?

Pregnant after childhood cancer?
I'm 24 yrs old and just got married last year. I had AML leukemia at the age of 12 and went through full body radiation. I was told by my doctors that I can not have a baby because of the full body radiation. I take estrogen and progestron pills so that I can get my period.
My husband and I still have some faith that I will get pregnant. I've heard of stories about cancer survivors proving the doctors wrong but I've never really come across a story like mines.
If you have a a story or website that can give me hope about getting pregnant...I would appreciate it. I just need something to let me know that it could be possible...

- formerly_bob
It might be worthwhile to make an appointment with a fertility specialist. Since you are taking hormones, its seems likely that the ovaries are not functioning at all, which if true, would eliminate the possibility of producing a viable egg. However, even with non-functioning ovaries, you may be capable of carrying a baby to term with egg implantation. A fertility specialist can give you a factual assessment of your options and help you avoid years of wondering about pregnancy. It would also help you plan for alternatives such as an egg donor or adoption if you wanted to pursue one of these other options.

- I Love New York
Most of my life I was a firm disbeliever in medical miracles mostly because my mother died from cancer and it just pissed me off. A while ago my grandfather was in a coma and my family was considering pulling the plug because he was more or less dead and the doctors said he would never be functional. Now he is talking, fully responsive and in rehab. So I became a believer and here is a list of some incredible miracles that I hope will give you hope.


- Yvonne
I saw an episode of "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" where a woman was in your same type of situation. She was told because of her childhood cancer that she was unable to have children because the type of chemo she was on killed all of her eggs. She was in her 30's and having pain, didn't know what was wrong with her so she went to the ER and ended up being in labor!

I tried to find a clip of the episode but there are so many I couldn't find it. But it is possible! And her baby was born completely healthy.

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