What are the chances of a 15 year old girl surviving leukaemia or bone cancer?

What are the chances of a 15 year old girl surviving leukaemia or bone cancer?
my best friend is getting the results wether or not she has cancer within this week. the likeliness of her having either is 96%. i'm freaking out, because i know nothing about the two cancers, and i want to be there for her. could someone give me information about both, and the chances of her surviving? please, i really need to know, and google isnt much of a help.

- me
Cancer research uk might help here is a graph by them about survival rates

I am so sorry about your friend. Just stay strong and be there for her as much as you can. Do things to take her mind off it all. Play board games whilst she is in hospital, watch comedy to try to make her laugh, and jst be there through the bad times. Go with her to hospital even...Or if she loses her hair buy her a pretty scarf to wear.

However you need to find out the actual type she has before you can get any real idea because there are so many types. When she gets her results the doctor will be able to tell her all of that information. Or google the name of the type of bone cancer or type of lukemia it is.


- BJP1975JJP
They have Chemotherapy which works in the most early stages. I don't know much about the disease. I do know the cancer can go away and come back several times and treatments are repeated. The treatments are very harsh on the body losing hair, vomitting, weight loss, depression. I would be there for your friend emotionally the best you can, she will need you. I would go to the library and check out book on the subject.

- Rieka_Norden-Decendant Of Ragnvald_Eysteinsson
I'm going through a cancer fright too. And it's not wether she can survive the cancer. It's wether she can survive the Chemo. 90% of Cancer patients die from the Chemotherapy not the cancer it's self. Chemotherapy actually CURES leukemia and lymphoma over time. Chemotherapy kills the cancer AND what keeps her alive. But considered she is my age (15). Her chances are VERY good. Older people tend to not be strong enough to live through Chemo. (Also other cancers can't be cured by Chemo).

- Nevada Smith
I strongly recommend that you look for the DVD called Healing Cancer.

Anyone with any kind of cancer should immediately find the best anti-cancer diet they can and stick to it regardless of whether or not they choose to take chemo, radiation and surgery.

The DVD mentioned should convince you that the number one cause of cancer is eating an over abundance of animal protein. Also read the book called The China Study as well as numerous others.

- Spreedog
I have to coorrect "Rieka" here. Her answer is simply wrong.
Chemotherapy does not "kill 90%" of patients with leukemias or primary bone cancers.
Since people die while undergoing chemotherapy, lay people who do not understand the disease or the treatment make false assumptions and blame the chemotherapy. People die of cancers and leukemias when the chemotherapy can no longer stop the malignant cells from dividing. They die when the chemotherapy fails to halt the progression of the disease. It is the uncontrolled malignancy - NOT the chemotherapy drugs - which cause the deaths of our patients.
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No one can answer your original question.
As another responder said, we need to know the disease and the stage.
There are many types of leukemia and multiple types of primary bone malignancies.
They all have different survival expectations.

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