What are some nutritional induced diseases for dogs and cats?

What are some nutritional induced diseases for dogs and cats?
I need to do a paper for my nutrition class and I need a disease on dogs that is a nutritional induced. Any ideas? I found this disease: Bloat (Gastric Dilatation - Volvulus) Can you name more nutritional induced diseases? Thank you!

Pano which is growing pains for large/giant breeds dogs. If pups are given too much protein & start growing quickly, pano or joint problems can develop. I'm including 2 links for you.



The 2nd one has a number of different articles about nutritional issues affecting giant breeds & your best bet for additional info.

- Carleen B
When dogs/ and or cats are on a low quality diet they develop problems that very from allergies to kidney failure. Most low quality foods (found in grocery stores and/ or vet offices) contain ingredients are completely unnatural to the specific species that's eating it. These unnatural products (filler) would be considered corn, soy, wheat, - basically any type of grains.

Kidney Failure:
Dogs and cats can't process grains properly, so their kidneys are on over load. Kidney failure usually is accompanied with cancer.

Cancer is usually caused by the chemical preservatives in low quality cat and dog foods. These are BHA, BHT, Ethoxyquin etc are known cancerous preservatives.

These are most common problems within cats or dogs. Grains were not a natural part of their diet so they've started developing allergies to it. Decent high quality foods are grain free because they are completely un natural. Allergies can also lead to more problems.

Most dogs can get bloated from all the filler going into their stomach. More filler = they more food to be nutiritonally satifisfied = more food = more trips to the store. A high quality food is more concentrated. There is more nutiriton per kibble then there would be in a whole bowl of IIAMs.

By-products aren't considered a substancial protien source and the dog/cat doesnt actually gain or absorb any of the "nutrience" within these products. By-Products are usually beaks, feathers, brain, feet, intestines etc and these can also include 4 D animals (dead, dieseased, dying prior to slaughter, disabled). Sanimal inc was actually putting 40 000 lbs of dead cats and dogs into their pet food a week before they decided to shut down. Thats right ol'sparky that you put down at the vet probably went into "bella's" food. This can lead to all types of dieseases that range.

Never trust any vet or grocery store.

- Nick W
bloat is not nutritionally induced.

Feeding a dog supermarket food does not necessary give it all types of diseases. Even Pal has enough nutrients in it to keep most dogs reasonably healthy for life.

Think of rickets - which is a condition that causes deformities - swelling of the joints and bending of the long bones in young growing animals. Caused by insufficient Phosphorour & vitamin D in the diet.

A lack of EFA in the diet can cause pyoderma, alopecia etc.

Dogs can get anemia but it is very rarely caused by a lack of iron in the diet.

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