What can be causing bone pain, pale skin, and other symptoms?

What can be causing bone pain, pale skin, and other symptoms?
so far a few months now I have been having horrible headaches, pain in my bones (mostly arms and legs) that sometimes makes it hard to walk. My skin is really pale and I have off and on fevers a lot, and I am always really tired. I bruise easily, too. I looked these up and got everything from leukemia to anemia, do you know what can cause these that is most likely?

- Alex
I'm not a doctor (which you should see), but do you have a balanced diet or take vitamins? If you don't have an infection, maybe it's some nutritional deficiency? The presence of fever, though, could be indicative of some infection, or worse. Go to the doctor.

- mtwaites
It is hard to say really because of there being a lot of problems that can be initiated with many different things. Below are somethings that you should ask your doctor about.

1) What age are you? Some of these conditions can be exacerbated or made worse with someone who is slightly older. There are certain elements that can indicate various ailments.

2) For the headaches, are they migraines? Or does it feel like there is a pounding sensation? If so, you might want to show the areas to the doctor when you're visiting them.

3) When you mention pain in the bones (mostly in the arms and legs), does it feel like your legs are heavy? swollen? where you could easily collapse? where you feel like there is no strength in them?

4) Do your joints lock up such as in the knees and elbows and shoulder and ankle? Do they become swollen or filled with water?

5) What type of skin color do you normally get? Are you normally fair skin? or do you normally have blotchy skin that is freckled?

6) Do you feel like you're short of breath? or able to breathe?

7) Do you tire easily or get massive cases of fatigue?

8) Are your muscles feeling sore?

Those are some questions that you should ask your doctor about. Good luck, and hope that things work out for you.

Good luck, and hope that this helps.

- dingodevil
Check out Dengue fever (transmitted by certain types of mosquito). Your symptoms seem to coincide. I've had it off and on for the last 6 months (there's been a recent epidemic of Dengue where I'm living right now). It's especially characterised by a 'crushed bone' pain, fever and tiredness.

- passarellosweet
It can be a number of conditions and to many to try to guess. Maybe as simple as lack of vitamin to autoimmune disease.There are just to many to even try to go into.
Best advice would see your primary Dr. for a start and get a blood test and that may be the answer to all. If not he will lead you into the right direction.
Please see a Dr. Keep me posted. Don't be me a nurse with rectal cancer waiting years before going for help and RSD for 3 year and it has now been 10 years because I waited
Please keep me posted

- maca
you need to see a doctor for test and medication

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