What can prevent you from getting leukemia?

What can prevent you from getting leukemia?

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The only way to prevent yourself from getting leukemia is to
stay healthy.We all have cancer cells in our bodys and all you
need is something to trigger them.Having a strong immune
system is the only prevention.But don't worry it can't be passed
like the common cold.And it's very difficult to trigger the cells!!!

- Panda
There is no known way to prevent people from getting leukemia or any other cancer. Cancer is an ancient disease and can even be found in fossilized remains that are thousands of years old.

The History of Cancer

You can, however, minimize your chances of developing some form of cancer by not smoking, exercise, eating a well balanced diet, and remaining strong mentally and physically. Being healthy and strong when or if you get cancer definitely factors into your ability to survive cancer.

There is no way to prevent leukemia (sad to say) it is a blood cancer
It also runs in the family........my cousin and grandmother both died of it my cousin was 17 and as healthy as can be football player baseball player .......... My grandmother was older

- sing2thekingforever
there is no way to prevent from getting leukemia.it is a blood cancer, and runs in the family, etc. but it doesn't always have to run in your family for you to get it. it never ran in my family, and i have it. i wish there was a way to prevent it though.

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