What do you think my chances of having leukemia are based on my symptoms?

What do you think my chances of having leukemia are based on my symptoms?
First of all... I want you all to know that I'm not one of those obsessed people who think they have leukemia and spend hours on their computer looking up symptoms and chances and whatever else those people do. And I'd also like to say that these symptoms started happening before leukemia or anything other than a common flu type thing even occured to me.

Ok. So about a month ago maybe a month and a half a got a rash. It's red and has little dots and its above my skin and itchy. I still have it.. It's mildly itchy not too severe but you can still tell it's an itch. This may be dry skin buuuut impretty sure it wasn't.

So I scratched that rash a little bit one night not too hard and not veery long honestly less than a minute. When I took a shower the next day there was a patch of black and blue bruises and little red teeny dots under my skin. All was painless.

Ive also been really weak and tired. That's pretty self explanatory. It's not super severe but it's noticeable.

Right now and for the past week I've had a fever. I get dizzy spells and times where my eyes go all black and I wonder if I'm passing out.. So I hold on to something just in case.

My bones have been hurting sometimes mostly my upper arm and shoulder.

I have had kind of a light lingering headache in the lower back of my head and have had to take advil for it. This started at thhe time of the fever

I've had quite a few colds in the past month. I also was diagnosed with vertigo one two months ago and it was extremely severe.

Now just last night I ate dinner and afterwards could almost not walk because of how nauseous I was. I fell straight asleep as I had done three times before that day.

Now I don't really know the symptoms of leukemia or any cancer or anything this could be. I also realize that a doctor is best and that yahoo isn't going to confirm anything. I am going to the doctor soon but I just wanted to get a few ideas of what to expect or if this is serious or even what this could be??

Thanks:) and if it helps, I'm a 12 year old girl and my parents do know all of this.

PS everyone keeps saying I look really pale and sick but nothing is contagious because I've had this for this long and no one of my friends or family has had any of it.

- gazeygoo
Sounds like you have a virus, a rash is a very common sign of a virus.

- Jane
ok there could be various reasons to any of this no one can diagnose u on here

but you do need to see a dr,leukaemia is unlikely !
anaemia is a possible cause,as is food allergy,any virus no one can say really
you have already been diagnosed as having vertigo that will have a lot to do with your symptoms
plz get your parents to take you to the dr for a check up and blood tests

you will be fine
best wishes

- muse9488
it could possibly be some kind of deficiency, maybe you are anaemic. Tell your parents and get them to take you to a DR for blood tests.

- Panda
It is doubtful from your description that you have Leukemia or any type of cancer. You have an imagination. The symptoms you list are so random that they could mean anything or not even be related to one another.

If you had Leukemia or your mother or doctor even half suspected it than you would already be hospitalized and in treatment.

Your doctor is the only one who can diagnose you.

- McKenna B
I'm a 15 year old girl that was diagnosed with leukemia a few months before i was about to turn 14. i still have about 1 more year of very mild treatment (really, this part is not bad @ all) until i will be 100% cancer free.

based, on your symptoms, i could definatly say that leukemia is a possibility. before i was diagnosed, i was very weak and tired all the time. i also got nauseous a lot and didn't eat much. i got headaches a lot and had to lie down for them to go away. my joint bones hurt so bad that i could barely do anything without them hurting. i would also get sick on and off again and would have a fever whenever this happened. a lot of people were noticing that i was getting pale and the weekend before i went to the doctor, some people were even saying that i looked yellowish.

i would go to a doctor as soon as you can, and ask him or her if leukemia could be possible and ask them if they could do a blood test for you. the faster you find out about it the better. leukemia is treatable. but it is a very long treatment. there is about 8 months of very intense treatment and then there is a little less than two years of very low key treatment that isnt bad at all, i promise..

you will be in my prayers. if you have any more questions or concerns then just ask me.. (:

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