What happens after a tumor is removed in the hospital?

What happens after a tumor is removed in the hospital?
After a small cancerous tumor is removed from one's chest, what happens? How long is the hospital stay, and what are the possible side effects? Thanks for answering and God bless!
Ma'am i'm sorry to hear that. You're a strong, devoted mother i must say. Stay strong and God bless. My bf was recently diagnosed with cancer. He said it was a small tumor in his chest, and he said he was going to get it removed. Two days later, he said he was in pain and went to the hospital. I don't know how long he will be there, and his older brother has his phone, so i can't really contact him either. His brother just told me what he said, so i'm trying to stay calm and not worry because i'll end up stressing out and having an anxiety attack or something.

- Panda
Without complications you might be able to leave in a few days, but much depends on your age, overall health, and what they find during surgery. With malignant tumors one does not ordinarily know how much cancer is present until the surgeon can take a look. CT, PET, and MRI are all good tools but can often miss the extent of the disease. Only surgery where the doctor can actually go in and look around can determine how many visible tumors there are. He'll remove as many as he can.

Further treatment depends on the outcome of the biopsy, the type, location, the stage and grade of tumor. If it is a known high grade aggressive tumor you may be offered chemotherapy or radiation as an adjuvant treatment, but that is probably optional.

My son has had three major surgeries with over a hundred various sized abdominal tumors removed (he lost his spleen and 90 percent of his right diaphragm) and he was out of the hospital in about 8 days each time. The thoracic surgery took the longest to recover from since they went in through the back. So depending on where the tumor you have is located may determine how long recovery will be.

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