what type of tests are used to determine a donor for a leukemia patient for transplant?

what type of tests are used to determine a donor for a leukemia patient for transplant?
blood tests or bone marrow tests?

- Shrichand Nahar
Basic test is HLA matching. This test is performed from blood samples of donor and donee.

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Beyond the hla tissue typing, they will do a bone marrow biopsy to make sure your marrow is disease free.

Then, they will run a battery of general health exams to make sure you are in proper physical condition.

There is a list of criteria the donor has to match beyond th tissue type.

www.marrow.org the website of the National Marrow Donor's Prgoram can tell you more about this information

EDIT: Transplant coordinator below me is not giving accurat info according to my docs and my treatment. Yes, the initial matching is only blood or cheeck swab. However, there isnt a doc that is going to take your blood stem cells or bone marrow for a transplant without a bone marrow biopsy to ensure your cells are healthy. THink about it. What would be the point in giving a transplant when the donor has a disease or disorder that hasnt made it from the bone marrow to the blood stream yet? THe patient would simply have another disease or disorder to deal with. ALL blood cells, including the stem cells which are a type of white blood cell, come from the bone marrow. Infact, the stem cells more or less ARE the bone marrow cells (thats overly simplified, and not exact, but A good way to think about it). If the cells in the marrow are diseased, so are the peripheal cells, you just might not be able to see it with the blood work.

After those tests, the donor DOES INDEED have to go through a battery of other tests (other blood tests, heart tests, and extensive medical history screening) to ensure they are healthy enough to donate.

Yes, the bone marrow test is painful, but the whole proceedure is only about 20-30 mins with the painful part only about 5-10 mins if you have someone that knows what they are doing.

Most people who sign up for the registry or are tested to see if they are a match never make it to this point because they are not a tissue type. However, if they do match, they WILL go through all the other tests before donation is made and transplant is given.

- mary m
Stem cell donors do not need to have a bone marrow biopsy.

Compatability is determined by a blood test. A bone marrow sample is not needed

A donor can donate either peripheral blood stem cells (PBSC) or bone marrow. If it is PBSC a bone marrow sample is not needed. If it is bone marrow donation, then the bone marrow is taken out under general anesthesia.

Only the patient ever needs to have a bone marrow sample taken. It is a relatively painful test. If donors had to have it, we would have a lot fewer donors!!

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