Why is it that everyone is only focused on breast cancer?

Why is it that everyone is only focused on breast cancer?
Breast cancer is the LEAST deadly cancer out there. Why do people forget about ovarian cancer, melanoma, leukemia, and other things like cystic fibrosis and brain tumors? There are even more that are worse than those cancers, such as pancreatic cancer, and MANY more. Why can't we have fundraisers for ALL of them? Not just breast cancer...

- Brandon Bandy
Well, people r focused on all types on cancer. But, the reason that people focus on that a lot is because it affects A LOT of women, and it can even affect men. It is the cancer that a women is most likely to get. But, women can get other cancers too. But they r in high risk of breast cancer. The hype for breast cancer in women is like the hype of prostate cancer in men.

- ChemoAngel
Because everyone who has every had breast cancer, or lost someone To Breast Cancer is doing something about it, and being Proactive about their health. I know I am. If you had breast cancer you would feel the same way. I have known at least 10 people who have died from Breast Cancer, and there are more out there like me. So please don't say it is the least deadly, it is DEADLY to those who have DIED. Enough Said.

- Duane
you have something there and not that all those others aren't inportant I think they push ans stress on breast cancer because it can also be deadly so thats why you should do monthly breast checks to make sure you have no lumps in your breast and if you do then get to your doctor as soon as possible .
I think they push breast cancer so much because they know how most females don't want to lose a breast from breast cancer just think how you would feel if you found a lump in your breast and the doctor said that your right breast would have to be removed how would you feel being a female that you would only have one breast ?I undestand that all those other cancers are inportant to but there is prostrate cancer to for males thats why all males should be checking there prostrate for lumps to just like females .
but you have a very good point and maybe some one needs to start having fund rasiers for those others cancers .
good luck

- lo_mcg
You are misinformed; breast cancer is not the least deadly of cancers. In the US alone an average of 113 women die of breast cancer every day - that's one every 15 minutes. In the UK that average is 33 a day.

But yes, it has a higher profile than other types of cancer,and the reason is simple - sheer hard work.

Breast cancer awareness campaigns and BC Awareness Month started as a campaign by ordinary women, many of them with breast cancer, to raise awareness so that people knew the symptoms, examined themselves regularly, attended their routine mammograms etc. Enthusiastic participation and hard work by women made it grow into something nationally, then internationally, recognised (and then big business cashed in - but that's another story).

People who campaign around illnesses are usually concerned with the illness that's affected them or their family. I know a couple who have a child with a very rare and life-threatening condition (not a cancer). Much of their time is now taken up with campaigning around this condition - fund raising and agitating for more funding for research, more education, more awareness etc. Individuals don't have unlimited time, and choose their campaigns. And that's what the women who started the breast cancer awareness campaign did, and worked their socks off.

There are other cancer awareness months, weeks, ribbons etc; but the fact is none has had the sheer hard work put into it that breast cancer awareness has.

There is nothing to stop any group of people starting a campaign for awareness of ovarian cancer, melanoma, leukaemia, cystic fibrosis or brain cancer. There is nothing to stop you doing it, if these are causes close to your heart - and good for you if they are. You'd have to be prepared to be as dedicated and work as hard as those women worked around breast cancer though

- Susie Q
Felicia >>> Chemo Angel has the right reply to your question posted
There are many people who die from breast cancer
I myself fortunately wasnt one of them

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