Will the court make me give her back???

Will the court make me give her back???
I am takin this lady to small claims court for selling me a sick kitten (she has Leukemia)! She will not just negotiate and give me the money back that i paid, which is not even half of what her vet bills will add up to!
She offered to give me money back and return her and she will put her to sleep! What for? She has no symptoms, shes playing like a healthy, normal kitten! And theres a chance she will overcome it!
So, in court will they 'make' me give my kitten back????

The lady is unfit!!! Shes selling terminally ill kittens all over the place!

She said her cats are all healthy! But fact is, a cat can live its whole life with no symptoms and seem perfectly healthy!

What do you think?? Im not giving her up! Shes my baby!

- Jami W
I'm not entirely sure, however I don't see anyone making you give an animal that you love back just to be put to sleep.

- Pam H
You can't have it both ways. You either get your money back and return the cat, or keep the cat and forget about the money.

- rockyfella25
all you can do is go to court and say what you just said.what might happen which is only a opinion is if you want money you will have to give her up..if you drop the charges you might kept her.Just be calm and stand your ground..Good luck.

- Me!!
I think you are wasting your time. Cats can contract leukemia from other cats. It may not be her fault. Yes she needs to stop breeding cats that are sickly, but I think that you don't have much ground to stand on here. If you want the money back, the court may very well want you to give the kitten back as well.

- smellyfoot™
This sounds harsh, but think of it in terms of any other product that you purchase. If you buy a DVD player, and it doesn't work quite right, you can return it and get your money back. But you can't keep it and expect your money back too. that's just not how things work. I think you should save your money (don't go to small claims court) and just enjoy your time with your cat. I think she is being a terrible biatch, but that doesn't mean she has to give your money back.

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