Will you pray for a child with leukemia?

Will you pray for a child with leukemia?
After days of tests it was confirmed today that my 6 year old nephew has leukemia. He will be going to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital this coming week.

My family and I are asking everyone we know to send up a prayer for Connor. Even if you don't believe in God, any good energy you could send our way at this time would be appreciated.

He is a beautiful little boy and we are all doing everything we can for him. We will fight for Connor. Will you pray for this child...Blessings!
Jacqueline...yes, I will keep you updated. And thank you for your prayers.
Jennikins...thank you, dear friend, for pointing out the obvious and for your kind words.
To everyone...I am crying as I type this. I just learned that the diagnosis was confirmed. This child is in great pain and it is pitiful to watch. Of course, we are seeking every medical help for him. And we are asking everyone to send good thoughts, good energy and lots of prayer his way. It could not possibly hurt and will certainly help!
To those who believe in prayer, thank you so much for lifting Connor up! It means everything to us right now.

And to those who do not believe in God but who send kind thoughts and helpful advise our way, I hope God blesses you for your kindness and compassion toward Connor. And I thank you with all my heart.
devora k...awsome! Thank youso much!
Lady M.---thank you so much! This happened very suddenly. In the space of one week (seriously, one week!), Connor went from being okay to having swollen joints and being in extreme pain. I will keep you updated on his progress. And again, I thank you, my friend, for your sincere support and prayers.
Oh my...so many loving and sincere responses! Thank you all so much.

We have not had to face this type of trouble and sorrow in our family until now. We are a huge familyand we have been very blessed that all of our children and grandchildren have been healthy. We do not take that for granted...we thank God for that.

But now we are fighting for Connor. And we will rely on medicine, prayer, God, and any good wishes we can get. For Connor!
NJ---Connor is at Children's Hospital in Little Rock tonight. He was supposed to go tomorrow but his fever rose to 107F and he became so weak that the doctors admitted him today. He is currently waiting for a place/bed at St. Judes in Memphis. Thank you for your encouraging words and prayers.
Jasmine---thank you so much.
Maars---thank you, my friend.
LeslieAnn---thank you for your prayers, my friend. And thank you for an excellent answer. The children were special to Jesus.
This outpouring of love, good wishes, hope and prayer from so many on R & S is overwhelming and wonderful. I will make sure that Connor's Mom reads your answers. They will encourage her so much. Blessings, everyone!
I need to update everyone...first, Connor's temp. was 100.7 F when they got him to the hospital. Not 107F. My sister misquoted the doctors on that one. I guess she was so upset that she just got it wrong.

Also, the chemo won't be started at Arkansas Children's Hospital. They are transfering Connor to St. Judes within the next 48 hours. The tests today show that the cancer is advanced and he will need agressive treatment. The doctors think that St. Judes will be the best place for him.
Jessica...your prayer gave me strength just reading it. Thank you my friend. I will see that Connor's Mom reads your prayer. I know it will help her too.

As for Connor, I talked to him very briefly this evening but he didn't have much time for his "Aunt Kat" because the nurses had brought him a Play Station and he was feeling well enough to play his video games this evening!! He sounded better tonight. Thank you Jess, and everyone, for your prayers and good thoughts!

- Espouse obfuscation
And after decades of tests, it was confirmed that prayer doesn't work at all.

- gutbucket
I'm sorry for your nephew, but talking to an imaginary being is just a waste of time.

- Liz (The FSM has opend my eyes)
I would ask everyone you know to donate blood and platelets. He will probably need multiple transfusions. Best of luck.

- ejesus91
I wont pray, because that never works. I will though say that since medical practices have advanced, your nephew has a way better chance of surviving than a child from 100 years ago, be grateful of that.

Edit: Hope your nephew gets through it.

- Josh K
Well, I sure hope your nephew makes it through without any major complications. I wish the best of luck to you and your family :).

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