Can a person with Leukemia donate any organs?

Can a person with Leukemia donate any organs?
..i have had leukemia for over 30 years now, and am in the final stages..just recently learned that my brother has end stage Hepatitis C..if it is at all possible i wish to donate my liver to him..he has a rare AB blood type, with RH factor, but, i am a universal blood type, 0-

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Yeah, and give the leukemia to another person is a big no-no. Though, at least U still care about others.

- bradlepe
Assuming you're a compatible donor, it's extremely unlikely that you'd pass the leukemia to your brother via an organ transplant. However, leukemic cells do infiltrate the liver, so it's unlikely that your liver is healthy enough to be transplanted.

That said, only a small portion of the liver is needed for transplant (you don't need to transplant the whole organ, so one liver can be transplanted to multiple recipients), so maybe enough of it is healthy.

If I were you, I would ask your or his doctor and go from there.

Best of luck!

- Baa Baa
No, I doubt very much if you could donate to anyone. I know that in order to donate you have to be very healthy and free of medical problems. I also doubt that they would ever use your liver due to the leukemia.

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