Childhood Leukemia? When to worry?

Childhood Leukemia? When to worry?
I am the mother of a six year old little girl. I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma last year, and as a result of that - I'm a world-class worrier about all health related issues. But, perhaps this time there is reason?

Last week my daughter told me when I picked her up from school that she had a bloody nose in gym class. According to her teacher is was a really minor thing - she said she didn't feel it was worth mentioning to me. Then a few days ago, my daughter was picking her nose (gross, I know) and it started to bleed a bit - just 10 or so drops and then it stopped. I also have noticed a small bruise on her cheek roughly the size of a dime. She has no recollection of where she got it. Is this enough to be worried about leukemia?

She is very pale - but she always has been. We are Scottish-Irish. She's fair haired and light eyed, and because of my skin cancer - we don't see a lot of sun.

She was sick about two weeks ago with common cold symptoms - but it cleared up with no meds after about 5 or 6 days.

She has complained about her legs hurting her before, but not recently and not all the time. I usually chalked it up to growing pains.

She doesn't seem more tired than usual. She gets up on her own (without an alarm) around 7am and goes full throttle until 8:30pm.

She has always been a bit of a light eater, but seems to be eating the same as always.

Any cause for concern? And yes, I know that this advice doesn't replace getting a professional opinion, but I'm curious if any one has any experience in this area. Thanks a bunch!

- Tarkarri
You are a mother - it's your job to worry!

That being said, your melanoma does not affect your child's future cancer risk.

None of this sounds too concerning, but if this continues take her to the Dr to set your mind at rest.

- Char
First off, let your child's teacher know that she is a cancer survivor, and that NOTHING is too minor not to tell you!!! Yes, I would be concerned. Keep a symptoms journal and be sure to communicate all of this to your child's doctor. Right now, call the nurse at his office and discuss this, and see if the doctor would like to examine your daughter. Leukemia is often a secondary cancer suffered by survivors of other cancers. However, your daughter may just be more prone to bleeding and bruising as a result of her treatment. Check with your doctor, I'm just guessing, and trying to help, but I'm not a doctor.
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Best wishes

- Rae
I really don't think this sounds like leukemia at all. If she had leukemia she would be tired. She would not easily shake an illness without needing meds. My baby had leukemia. I know everyone is different but he slept all the time, had enlarged spleen, soaked a pillow with sweat whenever he slept, had ear infections and RSV- both requiring antibiotics.
I think she sounds pretty normal.

- Powermom2
If you are still worried I would just bring her to her doctor and request a quick blood test to ease your mind. I believe they can even test your WBC count by finger prick too.

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