Do bone marrow aspirations always mean leukemia?

Do bone marrow aspirations always mean leukemia?
I have to have a bone marrow aspiration next week. I am freaking out I'm really worried about it.
Back in January I fainted and I know its because I hadn't eat and so since than the blood doctor has been running test to figure out what it is. So far they say its myeloproliferative disorder.
Can anyone tell me what to expect? Thanks

- Julienne's Mom #2 due Aug 10
From what I've read, they diagnose many things including:
Infectious diseases, such as leishmaniasis or HIV
Multiple myeloma
Polycythemia vera

They are used to look for the cause of problems with red blood cells, white blood cells, or platelets in people who have conditions such as thrombocytopenia, anemia, or an abnormal white blood cell count.
Find blood disorders, such as leukemia, certain anemias, or problems that affect the bone marrow, such as multiple myeloma or polycythemia vera.
Find infections or tumors that may start in or spread to the bone marrow. If you have an infection, a culture and sensitivity test of the bone marrow sample may be used to find out which antibiotics will work best to treat the infection.
Find the best treatment for a bone marrow problem. Once treatment has been started, a bone marrow aspiration and biopsy may be done to see if the leukemia cells are gone, which means the treatment is working.

Good luck!

- Amber C
I can relate. My doctor referred me to a oncologist after my platelet count dropped so low. I have to have a BMB soon as well. Im also freaking out..but im educating myself about it now and hoping for the best, but also preparing for the worst.

I cant tell you want to expect because ive never had a bone marrow aspiration..but i wish you luck!

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