Is my family history of cancer inherited?

Is my family history of cancer inherited?
3 people in my mom's side had cancer.

Long time ago before i was born (im 16), my mom's dad died from lung cancer from smoking. Sortly after, his daughter (my aunt) died of blood cancer leukemia. Just a few years back, my cousin from the same side of my family was diagnosed with throat cancer. Do we have a inhertable cancer gene or just cancer prone? Should my siblings and i worry?

- april
No your family does not have an inheritable cancer gene or they would all be closely related and all the the same cancer, probably around the same age.

It can be inherited. No one seemed to have the same type of cancer so your chances are probably as good as anyones not to have it. Look at how many in your family had cancer, look at how many didnt have cancer. Dosent that look like pretty good chances of being ok? Anyone with any cancer in their family should always inform doctors and get recommended screenings in the future. I wouldnt lose sleep over it.

- Jake Salad
Gene mutation is random. However it does occur within your family therefor it is (I wouldn't exactly call it) likely that you may have some sort of cancer.

- Heidi K
You and your siblings have an increased risk of cancer since your mom's side of the family has it. You guys will just have to get tested when you get older and go back yearly so if they find any new growths they can get it taken care of before it turns into cancer and if it already has so treatments can start.

- Samantha Matthews
According to medical reports, cancer can be hereditary. There are cancers that run in families and to immediate relatives like children, parents and siblings. Breast cancer and colon cancer can be some examples.

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