leukemia survivor tattoo idea?

leukemia survivor tattoo idea?
I was diagnosed with AML Leukemia when I was 12. I was in remission about a year and was later on had a relapse...I had full body radiation, many surgeries, blood dialysis treatment, and finally a BMT. I had many transplant complications including GVHD...I wasn't fully recovered until I reached the age of 18.
I enrolled into college and is in the process of getting into the nursing program...I found the love of my life and got married.
I am now 22 years old and I feel that I have been through a lot and I want something to remind me that I am a fighter and a survivor.

I want a tattoo that will let me and everyone know that i am a cancer survivor

any ideas would be great and if you know a site where I ask them to draw me any tattoo ideas....
why wouldn't I want a tattoo?
I'm am a survivor so I do not have cancer anymore.
I am not ashamed that i have cancer, and I am proud that I am a survivor, it has made me the person I am today.

- Emily
Just my opinion, but why do you need a tattoo to remind yourself that you're a fighter and a survivor? You live it and you know it every single day of your life.

If you do decide on getting a tattoo, be sure to check them out and ensure they use good sterile equipment. I'm not a tattoo advocate so good luck on ideas.

- The old Movie
You had cancer why would you want a tattoo, get something like a key chain that shows you are survivor to hag on your purse or like a purse with something to show you are a survivor.

Otherwise get one with a AML sign

- The Venusian
So, you want a tattoo so that everyone will know you had cancer? Why?

- Thommie
Congratulations!!!!!!!!! You've survived, continued your education, found the love of your life AND got married!!!!! WOW what great accomplishments!! Why do you want to chance poisoning yourself? In my opinion - you don't need a tatto to show the world you're a survivor of cancer -- word of mouth surpasses any tattoo you would get.

Share your story with your patients, start a survivor foundation -- don't put yourself at risk with questionable ink.

- Louise M
I think tattoos are gross, especially on girls, just think when you're like 60 yrs old would you really want your body permenantly inked? If i were you i'd go with getting like a "leukemia survivor!!" sticker to put on my car or something.

But, if you were to get a tattoo, get a leukemia ribbon, with like an x through it, so show its not with you any longer. Or if you're into writing you could get some sort of tattooed necklace or bracelet with the names or intitals of dr.s and nurses who helped save your life.

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