My son has been diagnosed with leukemia. What can I expect?

My son has been diagnosed with leukemia. What can I expect?
my fourteen year old son has been diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia. i am wondering if anyone has gone through this and can offer any real life advice as for what i can expect and what i might experience. i realize that everyone's experiences are different and personal, but i am in need of help, support, advice, opinions, really anything at this time. i am also not looking for medical advice, more just what to expect. if anyone also has any tips for coping or for helping him or my three other children, i would love to hear that as well. thank you.

- krystal
i have not personally experienced this, but i'm doing a project on it for school. He'll probably get very sick and everything will get very emotional. Just remember to stay strong for him and try to help him live as normally as possible. It will be difficult, but its very important you do that and make sure he knows you love him. I am very sorry that you both have to go through this. (and any other family involved.) I hope he gets better. You'll be in my prayers.

- Jeanette
The cure for cancer is there, its been there since the 1920's. I believe recovery and prevention are all attainable by changing the diet. Cancer, as well as many other diseases are simply a nutritional deficiency. Our bodies have adapted to our environment over millions of years and our bodies recognize healing foods. Raw, organic food. Natures food.

There are foods that have become completely devoid in our modern diet. Nitriloside rich foods have shown to cure and prevent cancer. You can find this in such foods as apple seeds and apricot seeds. It is also known as vitamin B17. This vitamin was banned from the US because pharm companies couldn't patent it and make all kinds of money. Instead, people get sick, go to the doctor and make pharm companies rich.

Vitamin B17 kills cancer cells so extraordinarily well that its almost like they were meant to do so. Cancer cells have a membrane surrounding it that has a negative charge, when our white blood cells come in contact with cancer cells they immediately go the other direction because, just like two negative sides of a magnet repel each other, so do the cells. Vitamin B17 or nitrilosides have small amounts of cyanide. This cyanide does not effect you when you eat it unless you have cancer already existing in the body. The vitamin B17 literally breaks down the protective membrane around the cancer cell allowing the white blood cells to recognize the cancer cell. White blood cells then go in, attack the cancer cell, turn it into protein which then feeds your healthy cells. There have been numerous documentation of people completely curing cancer and preventing cancer this way. Its just not publicized because then pharm companies would be losing a lot of money.

Some movies that support this theory can be watched on youtube:
A world without cancer
the gerson miracle

- Little Leny
Well I was in your sons shoes at about his age. I was 12 and I had AML. I will not be easy. You'll see your son dying and you can't do anything to help it. This doesn't mean he's going to die. This means that you have to be there for him, and support him. Be a mother not a sympathizer, so when he doesn't want to eat, shove food in his mouth. When he doesn't want to take his pills, make him. If he has a craving go get the food ASAP. The road ahead is tough but you'll make it.

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