SHOULD I MARRY HER (acute lymphoblastic leukemia)?

SHOULD I MARRY HER (acute lymphoblastic leukemia)?
My girl friend (age 20 years presently) had (ALL acute lymphoblastic leukemia)..... untreatable disease. She was first diagnosed in JUNE 2002...then she took chemotherapy from TATA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL of Mumbai for 2 year approx...then she came back to home after 18 months of that treatment. she got relapse. then her doctor suggested for bone marrow transplant.. n she got a BMT in July 2005 from CMC Vellore n the donor was his elder brother....now today after 20 months...she is fine except little GVHD type problem....now i want to know that what are the chances of her survival. I want to marry her so plz tell me what problems will i have to face in future. Should i marry her or not...n what r the chances of relapse...n is there any treatment to get permanently cure for this disease...n when can we say that the patient of ALL is completely cured...

i m eagerly waiting for ur reply...

so plz reply me soon....


- sktchgrl
If you love her, nothing else matters. NOTHING.

- Angie M
if you love her marry her. who cares if she has cancer. give her the support she needs. she would appreciate it.

- V L W
It sounds like you want a guarantee that she will not get sick in the future, no one can give you that guarantee because it does not exist. If you love her with all your heart has to offer then yes ask her to marry you. If you do not want to proceed because you are thinking about "what if...?" then no it would not be right to ask her to marry you. I am not sure of the amount of dedication that you would have in your marriage vows but all the ones that I have heard mention that "you will love honor and cherish in sickness and in health...".

- REnate
Honey, if you love her then marry her but you have to prepare yourself for a life without children as she will be unable to carry a child due to the hormones of pregnancy making her vulnerable to another attack by the cancer. If you are okay with no children then marry her but you must resign yourself to being a widower because her struggle with cancer is far from over.

Romance quickly pales in the advancing horrors of terminal wasting disease. Also, can you shoulder the expenses for her treatments? What does your family say to you about her?

- billy_the_kidd2_99
the answer is very easy. if you love her, marry her. give her the best days she has left

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