Would you be interested in reading this novel?

Would you be interested in reading this novel?
I'm writing a novel and this is the overview, would you be interested? It's mystery for young adult.

Since Rachel Charlotte Brown was diagnosed of leukemia, things had gone absolutely wrong in the family; first, her mother left her without any reason, second, her father had entirely changed and lived in his new girlfriend's apartment instead. Her grandma that she never knew before moves in to her apartment but does nothing except for knitting and watching TV. Rachel's only escape was her best friend, Daniel Johnson and her distant cousin, Jessica Hammocks. Rachel thought it was her leukemia that caused her family's problems but she thought wrong because something that lies beneath her family's mask is soon to be discovered…

oh and btw, it's not sherlock holmes or police type of mystery. A more sort of logical mystery thing, like revealing stuff.
it's not only about finding clues, i have to explain both conflicts(mom lost, dad with gf, grandma don't care) and her difficulties in balancing her life because of leukemia. It's only in the middle where she finds something really wrong and at the end discover about more than 5 secrets.
I know the stuff doesn't seem very logical..but I think the ending would be logical, that's what the story is all abt.
It's inspired by watching My Sister's Keeper as well as a friend of mine who died from leukemia a few yrs ago...

- roboticism
not at all
it's not my kind of book, and the plot seems kind of silly.

I think i would read it (as i read pretty much anything) but the plot seems to have a bit too much going on and needs to be toned down a lil bit.

- Will
Not enough to go on. You seem to be making a mistake common among new writers -- you assume that a series of episodes makes a story. Trust me, it doesn't. What holds any story together is an initiating problem/challenge which must be resolved, and which cumulatively builds so as to provide a thematic unity to the work. In the case of a mystery novel, you have to identify this challenge/mystery/problem early on in the first chapter or you've lost your audience.

- sensualgruv
I think you have a solid premise. One that will give you enough juice for both a mystery and a fulfilling storyline. I think that in your head you've already worked out how all the elements fit and why each character is needed where they are currently placed. Make sure that the mother and father leaving isn't just to make it easier for Rachel to 'do as she pleases'. A child with leukemia means she'd be in and out of the hospital and unless they plan to allow her to die I would think they'd be more inclined to be over protective. Now if the breakdown begins then we'd see fighting and stuff like that and then if she were to get 'better' then perhaps the parents might feel like they could sit her down and tell her they were getting a divorce before she was diagnosed and now they plan to go through with it since she is better. The grandmother moves in though the mother moves out.

You see their needs to be a reason for each action and they need to be realistic. I can imagine some parents might very well abandon a situation they can't handle but I don't think both parents would run off simultaneously. I don't think she'd be totally left to her own devices when her situation requires adult monitoring. I think when young adults write young adult books they forget the adults. Would your parents leave you? Would they be so irresponsible? Do you know adults like that? It is possible but make sure you make it believable.

- Chaotic Dreamer

Kid gets Leukemia. Mom leaves. Dad leaves. Grandma doesn't seem to care...

It sounds straight depressing and angsty - not necessarily a bad thing but when it seems forced (and it seems a bit forced to me) I find myself disinterested.

Kid gets Leukemia? - Wow, that really sucks.

Mom leaves? - Wow, so her child gets cancer and she ups and leaves? Horrible mother, felt bad for the kid, and now I feel worse.

Dad leaves? - Wow, how convenient. Neither parent cares that their child is in need of almost constant medical attention. So this kid has no one. Huh.

Grandma moves in? - Grandma moves in and does nothing? At all? Just sits around and watches television?

Seems like a good way to get more characters out of the picture whilst still attempting to keep a strong parental figure while keeping them detached from the story. So I have all of this pity for the sick kid at first, and then more and more pity is needed to the point where I honestly don't care if the kid is sick and has the potential to up and die at any second.

There is no way that this girl won't suddenly near some kind of hysteric episode where she is crying about how she is sick, how her mother left, how her father left, and how her grandmother doesn't care... So it will be a full on pity party... and that always makes me very disinterested.

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